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Indexed Amazon Account

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Our indexing services ensure that your Amazon products appear prominently on Google search results. We optimize your product listings to enhance visibility and drive more traffic to your Amazon store.

By indexing your products on Google, we expand your reach beyond the Amazon platform, helping you connect with a broader audience and increase your sales potential.

Let us help you maximize the visibility of your Amazon products and grow your online business.

How do I know if my Amazon product is indexed on Google?

If your Amazon products aren’t indexed on Google, it means they haven’t been added to Google’s database of searchable web pages. Consequently, when users search on Google, your products won’t appear in the search results, making it challenging for potential customers to discover them.

To check whether your Amazon products are indexed, you can employ the ‘Site:’ operator along with the URL of your Amazon product page. For instance, if your product page URL is “Site:”, you can input “Site:” into the Google search bar.

Executing this command will reveal the products pages from your Amazon store that Google has indexed. If your products don’t appear, it indicates they haven’t been indexed yet. 

How long does it take Google to index Amazon products?

Google is a fully automated search engine that uses programs called crawlers to explore the web constantly. When you list a new product on amazon, Google may take some time to crawl the new listing URL’s.
We are unable to directly request google to index our amazon products. Googlebot naturally visit the products urls, which will take a couple of weeks or a little over a month. Before your site is fully visible, it is indexed in the Google Search Engine.
Typically, to index Amazon products, Google will take one day, two days, or a few weeks, depending on many factors.

What is the difference between Amazon indexing and ranking?

 Indexing products means search engines store the content of products pages in their database, and when typing the keyword on the google search bar that will bring up your product somewhere the search results for that query.

In other words indexing means checking your product indexing allows you to verify which words your product will be shown as a result for a specific keyword.

Amazon indexing tells us whether a product is included in Amazon’s search results. With Amazon, all of the data is structured exactly how Amazon wants it to be. Indexing on Amazon is not about crawlability.

Products indexing on Amazon different than indexing for Google. If a product is not indexed its mean, you will miss out on potential sales.

 For example: if you index for water flosser, your product will be in the search results when a buyer looks for water flosser on Amazon.

Ranking: The meanings of “ranking” is in what position your listing show in search results for specific keywords. If your listing is indexed for a product, it will appear when a customer search on the Amazon search bar.

Ranking is the achievement of a certain position by a Web page in the search results for a particular/specific query. Ranking pertains to the order in which products will appear in those search results.

Ranking process on Amazon: An Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a method that shows how to a product is selling on the Amazon store compared to other products listed in the same category. It is calculated on the base of sales data over the time.

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